Saturday, November 10, 2012

Random Cullings From the Right Blogosphere

Here is a fascinating article by Daniel Mitchell, writing for TownHall Finance. The article gives you some idea what the tax and spend socialists of Europe and DC have in mind.
There is a relatively easy answer to the financial troubles of Europe, America and Asia. The answer lies in so-called “tax havens.” A consensus is emerging among the world’s major taxing powers that tax evasion may not be a good thing. …Jurisdictions specializing in the financial secrecy needed to avoid taxes exist in or near every major financial power. There’s Switzerland in Europe, the Cayman Islands off the U.S., Hong Kong in China, Bahrain in the Middle East and Jersey between the U.K. and France. But none has the military force to maintain secrecy against concerted outside pressure. The question has always been whether the pressure would be applied, and there is now some reason for hope.
Daniel Mitchell's article in TownHall Finance

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Would you like to see a map that shows every county in America, and how they voted on November 6, 2012. The website (Politico) comes up with a national map, but hovering over a state gives gross statistics, and clicking on a state brings up a county by county map.

I'd say, "Fascinating, Captain." but I don't have the right kind of ears.

Politico's county level Red - Blue map

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Another Daniel Mitchell Article on the foolishness of Gun Free Zones.  Gun Free Zones

Two cartoons from two of his articles,

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One last item before I publish this. If you haven't read Robert Stacy McCain's website, you should. it's here Robert Stacy McCain's website. His username on Twitter is @rsmccain. It will do your brain good! Salty, thoughtful and reliably conservative.

Have a good day, and if I have anymore brilliant thoughts to share, I'll be back later, If not, tomorrow is another day.

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