Friday, November 9, 2012

My First Cut Opinion On Conservative's Way Ahead

After reading the first couple of hundred tweets in my timeline this morning, I've decided that the group that will have my support are the ones saying fire Boehner, remove Cantor and McCarthey from policy positions, ditch Mitch McConnell, try to get Jim DeMint in as Majority leader in the Senate.

When the lame duck session begins, encourage Issa's investigations, continue to investigate State, DoD, Joint Chiefs and the President. We must dig deeply into the Benghazi debacle, and most importantly of all, sit tight on the moneybags (Congress' primary purpose) no increase in debt credit limit and don't compromise with higher tax rates. Rework tax code to increase revenues.

Finally, NO amnesty for illegals. I don't agree with Rush's comments this morning -- that we should grant citizenship to all illegals, but they can't vote for twenty-five years. They don't give a flying fig about voting, they want the welfare handouts. I live down here twelve blocks away, easily within sight of the iron fence at the border, and I know what's what. This small city is 85% Mexican, and the ability to speak English is not a common skill set.

As usual, my opinions are my own, but your comments are welcome below in the light brown 'Comment' link below.

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