Friday, November 23, 2012

Back again

I took a week or so off to follow the Hamas - Israeli war. I did not want to comment because the bloggers from Israel and the spokesmen for the IDF were doing a fine job. I live here in the USA, not in Israel or in Gaza, so there was very little I could say of my own knowledge. I left it to the experts.

I did meet a number of interesting people on Twitter, most of whom I continue to follow. I don't see things getting any better over there, and I really don't think that Morsi, Egypt's President or his Muslim Brotherhood party has a lot of real interest in tamping down the Hamas terrorists, nor do I see them interested in reining in Iran's influence in the region. Part of the deal on Wednesday was that Egypt will crack down on the smuggling through the tunnels -- what's that? Did I just hear oinking and flapping overhead? Oh, well, then. I guess it's true.

I hope that Israel and the Israeli people are able to ride out these attacks and continue to prosper as the only real democracy in the Middle East. I'm sure that the call-up of the reserve forces and the extra unit training they received while on station at the frontier will serve them well in the days and weeks to come.

Iran is still very much on their horizon.

I am sorry that I am so cynical, but Cast Lead ended up being such a debacle, because of the leftists in the Knesset and their enablers in the Israeli press. They seem to have actually believed that if they made concessions to the Gazans that they could pull the fangs of the terrorists in Hamas. How droll that seems in retrospect. Nonetheless, those same voices from the Israeli left are promoting the same level of foolishness that brought about the IDF's abrupt withdrawal from Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. The futility of that withdrawal was showcased over the last ten days or so.

My wishes and prayers go out to the people of Eretz Yishrael but I have faith that G-D will spread his hands over them to protect them. We might all pray that the politicians in the Knesset and the cabinet offices are not swayed by the blandishments of the hostile leftists in the Israeli media.

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