Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back From The Inchoate Aether

Greetings to all of you far-right, wingnut conservatives who just love the idea of Paul Ryan shoving little old ladies off of cliffs, poisoning the air and water and making democracy safe for Obama's corporatist campaign contributors. I have dedicated a large part of my adult life to writing letters to editors, starting when I was 12 in my hometown in Ohio. At Ohio State University in the late sixties I became the only Republican hippie in the university community. I complained loudly and often to the student newspaper, The Ohio State Lantern, about the student demonstrations. I had a number of liberal acquaintances that thought that hanging their student IDs around their necks and trucking on down to the Oval was great fun for a couple of summers. I thought they were idiots, but what did I know?

When I arrived out here in the desert Southwest in November, 1996, I took up that sport again, making a number of submissions to The Bisbee Observer. My  articles were at least partly responsible for 86-ing a goofy green project that was going to turn rubbish into city gas, a low BTU product that is part methane, part carbon monoxide, and all for the bargain price of twenty-seven million dollars! The company that was going to do Cochise County this wonderful favor was housed in an office strip mall, had no scientists on staff, and had recently been convicted of defrauding MediCal of a good chunk of change, in round figures, fifty million bucks. These were the people that our clueless County Supes thought were deserving of our tax money. Everything I learned, and published was quite easily available on Google in 2003 or 2004.

As another example of waste and fraud in government -- Ohio this time -- I know one woman who teaches at a community college in Cleveland who is deathly afraid that her history and violent background as a member of the SDS and Bill Ayers' 'Weather Underground' will come out to the Human Resources staff before she can start sucking up her pension as a long time instructor there. She makes about ninety large a year. I've harbored fantasies of calling them up and asking HR to take a look at her past associations, but on reconsideration, I think any city or community that elected Dennis Kucinich over and over again would not see any serious problems with hiring and retaining one of Bill Ayres' and Bernadine Dohrn's BFFs.

I've recently discovered that some of my friends, people I've known for more than forty years have 'unfriended' me on Facebook after reading some of my recent comments there.  I continue to get comments from liberal acquaintances that I should be more 'civil' in my comments. I disagree. After what Kennedy and his dark minions (pun intended) did to Robert Bork, I believe that that exercise in perfidy set the stage for the now unbridgeable chasm between the progressive left and the conservative right. It is my (not so) humble opinion that after 'sowing the wind' they are now 'reaping the whirlwind', and political polarization has now become a fact of life.

Many of our party's 'moderates' or 'progressives' seem to believe that compromise is possible with the far left. It is not. My belief has always been that moral and ethical principles are far more important than 'extending a hand across the aisle'. Our own senior senator, who last year spent over twenty MILLION dollars to defeat a Tea Party backed candidate named J D Hayworth for the seat is famous for his 'reaching across the aisle'; so much so that people who agree with my views have nicknamed him, 'Juan McShamnesty'.

So Dudes and Dudettes, this is the all NEW and IMPROVED, REFORMULATED with NO trans-fats or artificial fillers, version of my political blog. My old one, Nosey Parker's News went down because after several years, I began to get death threats and promises to burn my apartment house down. These were almost always the good people of Bisbee, non-violent liberals for the most part, who showed their true nature as suppurating excrescences on the fundament of Arizona's body politic.

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